Place a Bid Deposit
  • Bid deposits should be made no later than one (1) day prior to an auction.
  • Use your Visa or MasterCard to satisfy your bid deposit requirement.  Bid deposits are required for Internet Bidders, Foreign Bidders and Absentee Bidders.
  • A bid deposit authorization or hold does not result in a charge to your credit card but does use up a portion of your credit limit. No Service Provider Fee is charged for simply placing a deposit.
  • If you are a successful bidder you are required to pay for your purchases on the day that you receive your invoice.  If Yoder & Frey has not received this payment within 48 hours, the credit card authorization/hold will be converted into a credit card payment.
  • If a payment is processed on your credit card an iClosing Service Fee of 3% of the payment amount will be added to your invoice.
  • All purchases made at a Yoder & Frey auction are on an "as is, where is" basis. According to the terms of bidding agreed to by all Bidders, all sales are final and no sale shall be invalidated. There are no returns or refunds and credit payments cannot be reversed.
  • PLEASE NOTE that successful bidders are required to pay for their purchases within two business days of the end of the auction. Failure to do so will result in the full bid deposit authorization being charged to your credit card including an iClosing Service Fee of 3.0%. You are agreeing to these terms when you click the "Confirm Authorization" button

Please check this box to confirm you have read and understand the above information before making an online bid deposit.